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Upcoming Event: St. Louis Small Business Expo

Ryan Andrews - October 3, 2013
Miken's Jason Robison

Join us at the St. Louis Small Business Expo on October 23rd!

The St. Louis Business Expo brings together the brightest leaders from the most dynamic companies throughout the St. Louis Region. The Expo provides an environment for businesses to enhance relationships, research the market for the leading products and services, and learn about the latest best business practices.

Be sure to stop by Miken’s booth, # 507 for fun activities, prizes, demonstrations and tons of information on the latest in business technology!

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

11am – 6pm

St. Charles Convention Center

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Seminars this year include:

Kickoff Speaker: 10am-11am, Rooms 104-105

Higher Octave: 8 Steps to Scale Your Success

Scale your success: what does that mean? Not to just double your profits or the impact of what you do, but to grow it tenfold…to become a player.

In this presentation, using music as both tool and metaphor, you’ll learn to:

See, hear, and understand what’s really happening in your business

Use your existing resources to move toward your goal

Uncover opportunities for growth hidden in plain sight, and

Connect with your clients at a deeper level, one that engages their heart (and yours).

Presented by: Robert Fishbone, serial entrepreneur, speaker on creativity and entrepreneurship and author of the book, Selling the Scream.

Rooms 104-105


SuperCharge Your Social Media Marketing & Results

Sponsored by Constant Contact

This LIVE seminar is for small businesses or non-profit organizations that have been using Facebook to market their business and organizations and are looking for an affordable and easy way to “Rev Up Their Social Media Marketing Results.”

In this seminar you will learn the following:


Walk-away with tools, tips, and best practices that will help you SuperCharge your social media marketing results.

Learn how to Grow Your social media marketing channels

Understand ways to increase your engagement online

Walk-Away with tools that will help you monitor your brand

Learn about tools that will help you manage your social

Understand what tools can help you measure your results

See how to reward your current fans and new fans with social campaigns

Learn what is a social campaign and how social campaigns can help you supercharge your social media, email marketing and your marketing results

See successful social campaign examples

NOTE: This is NOT a hands-on computer seminar. No computers are needed.

Presented by: Barry Coziahr, president of RESPONSE! Targeted Marketing, a local marketing agency specializing in small businesses marketing. Barry is also the Constant Contact Local Expert for St. Louis.


Winning Strategies for Government Prospecting

One of the more educational, fast-paced, high-energy and thought-provoking sessions you will attend. Designed for entrepreneur, novice, and experienced business professionals who operate or plan to operate in the federal space. Unlike many sessions, this is more than a general or abstract discussion. We will outline how and where to prospect and provide real-world techniques, strategies and recommendations. This is not your common session where you’re told, “Go to FedBizOpps.” Focusing on techniques proven to maximize revenue opportunities, we discuss the importance of pre-acquisition prospecting, how and where to identify and evaluate which federal agencies and military services buy what you sell; the most common prospecting challenges faced by small business; and close with identifying 20 prospecting methods and discuss which ones actually work. Added takeaway: every conference registrant will receive business templates outlined in the session.

Presented by: Joshua Frank, principal, RSM Federal. Author, trainer, and consultant with 20 years in the federal space, Josh Frank is a leading authority on small business government sales and speaks nationally on small business acceleration.


Grow Your Business with Email and Social Media

This workshop is designed to give small businesses and nonprofit organizations some simple ideas for growing their customer, prospect, or member network by using email and social media marketing.
We will discuss:
• What type of content to use in your campaigns;
• How to get more people to stop and read your messages;
• How to get more action – or reaction to your messages and offers;
• Why using images on social media channels creates higher engagement; and
• Why your content should be mobile-friendly.
You’ll learn what it means to run effective email and/or social media marketing campaigns and what tools you can use to measure the success of your efforts without spending lots of time or money.
This is a great workshop for beginners in online marketing looking to accomplish more in less time – with a small budget.
Note: Participants do not need to be a Constant Contact customer to attend. This is not a hands-on seminar.

Presented by: Barry Coziahr, president of RESPONSE! Targeted Marketing, a local marketing agency specializing in small businesses marketing. Barry is also the Constant Contact Local Expert for St. Louis.

Stage 1


Change your Attitude and Make Some Pancakes

Success in sales is all about having the right attitude. Change your attitude and selling will become as easy as making pancakes. Learn how to gain the right mindset when it comes to sales success.

Presented by: Jason Mainard, owner, Sandler Training, The Rubicon Institute.


How to Combine the Power of Inbound and Outbound Marketing to Maximize Profits

Inbound marketing is a great way to attract leads and build a following. Outbound marketing is essential to convert leads to warm prospects and customers. Interactive marketing expert Tom Ruwitch explain the difference between inbound and outbound marketing and reveal why you need both. He will share proven strategies and tactics to help you attract leads, engage them more productively and convert more sales.

Presented by: Tom Ruwitch, MarketVolt.


The ART of Reciprocity:

Have you ever felt like you give a A LOT to your network and get LITTLE in return? Virginia will share with you the #1 strategy of influence, that when employed correctly, will help you get the ROE (Return on Effort) you want from your networking.!

Presented by: Virginia Muzquiz. Virginia is Managing Partner of the Referral Institute St Louis. Her passion is to inspire motivated sales professionals and entrepreneurs to adopt a bold new way of doing business that produces unlimited success in the context of a life well lived.


Cloud Computing, Implications for your Business

Cloud Computing is rapidly gaining popularity. Cloud Computing has many benefits, the most important one being low barriers to entry. No longer must a business undertake a large capital expenditure to access computing resources to run its day to day operations. No matter what type of business you operate, you are likely getting impacted by Cloud Computing or will soon be impacted by it. Cloud Computing has its advantages and disadvantages. Come and learn about the basics of Cloud Computing and how to make informed business decisions regarding this technology.

Presented by Saeed Akbani, an information systems leader with over 20 years of experience in product development and consulting.

Stage 2


Quit Prospecting and Get Referred!

Virginia will share 4 simple to implement tactics that will help you avoid common mistakes that business owners and sales professionals make that sabotage their networking success.

Presented by: Virginia Muzquiz. Virginia is Managing Partner of the Referral Institute St Louis. Her passion is to inspire motivated sales professionals and entrepreneurs to adopt a bold new way of doing business that produces unlimited success in the context of a life well lived.


How To Research And Buy A Franchise

You don’t always need to reinvent the wheel when going into business for yourself. A proven business model, training, ongoing support, and fellow franchise owners to help you along the way can be a great option for many. However, like anything else, there are quality franchises and poorly structured franchises. Even a quality franchise may not fit your personal or financial goals. How does one find the a perfect fit? Chris Coleman of FranNet will walk you through what you need to know about franchising, the best research methods, and what to look for and avoid when searching for a perfect fit.

Presented by: Chris Coleman, franchise consultant and owner of FranNet.


BYOD: Bring your own device, or bring your own danger?

The good news: Employees are happier and more productive when they use their own devices. The challenge for IT? Keeping wireless networks safe despite the fact that personal devices and apps open the door to data loss and threats. The challenge is to support the productivity BYOD offers, while staying in control of security—and your company’s data.

Find out how to keep your network safe while supporting employee devices. In this presentation from Kyvon and WatchGuard, you’ll get insights on how to stop viruses, mobile malware—and more—with a proactive approach and security services that address BYOD threats.

How to stay ahead of BYOD threats, including mobile malware, by establishing a policy that outlines acceptable devices and use

What solutions are needed to create a secure BYOD environment including app control, network segmentation, logging and reporting tools

How to minimize security threats and breaches while supporting the applications, devices, and services introduced by wireless devices.

Sponsored by Kyvon and presented by: Dan Geisler, sales engineer for the Mid Central Territory for WatchGuard Technologies.


Five Best Practices That Drive Business Results Create a little magic in the workplace

Learn how to achieve your business objectives through planning, executive and problem solving.

Presented by: Steve Finkelstein, Senior Partner, Experience On Demand. Steve has built an excellent reputation for coaching executives and organizations. He brings a balanced approach with both strategic and tactical solutions that deliver bottom line results.

All Seminars are FREE and open to the public.

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