A lot of decision-makers, when they first get all the of the facts about cloud computing, love the concept. After all, what’s not to like about the idea of trading your hardware and software setup for a more reliable, off-site option that is comprised of much lower monthly fees?

One thing that often holds them back from making a decision to try cloud computing, however, is the sense that it might be as secure as they would like. Trasmitting your company’s information over the Internet – and hosting your applications on a third-party server somewhere – doesn’t exactly sound like the best idea in the world, especially at a time when computer security is regularly front-page news for all the wrong reasons.

So, is it really safe “in the cloud?”

To answer that question, let us draw a quick analogy. Imagine that you work to take all of the money that’s in your company and put it somewhere else. You’d be leaving it for anyone to come and steal… or would you? Now suppose that this place had a vault, security guards, and other protection measures to stop outsiders from getting in. Would you feel differently now?

Obviously, what we’re talking about is the relationship that most companies have with their banks. By sending your data to a secure cloud facility (one with trained security specialists, on-site guards, and numerous backup and disaster recovery options), you are essentially doing the same thing. In other words, while the idea of “the cloud” might seem risky, the reality is that it’s almost always safer than your files would be in your office or facility.

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