Cloud computing is more than exciting technology with a fun name – it’s also one of the best things to happen to businesses in a very long time, at least as far as IT is concerned. Why does it merit such a high level of enthusiasm? That’s easy: Cloud computing can save organizations of all sizes a lot of money.

Typically, business owners and executives are surprised at just how large the actual savings can be. In fact, it isn’t unheard of for businesses to cut their technology expenses in half, just by making the switch to a cloud platform.

How can that be? To give you a sense, here are the two biggest way that cloud computing helps you save huge amounts of cash each and every year:

By lowering the costs of equipment and software. Replacing servers and other bits of hardware can easily run into six figures. With a cloud computing system, companies no longer incure those costs themselves, and get use of the best equipment from their IT providers. As a result, they no longer have to make huge, unpredictable expenses in technology, but can enjoy all the benefits at a much lower monthly rate.

The same goes for software, where applications are subscription based and automatically updated on a month-to-month basis. That saves a lot of money on buying the newest version of a program, of course, but also on the time and hassle of updating machines one at a time.

By allowing businesses to take advantage of other money-saving opportunities. By themselves, the cost savings that come with sharing equipment expenses and doing away with expensive software upgrades would make the switch to cloud computing worth it for most businesses. Because cloud platforms allow organizations to work together in real time from multiple locations, however, it also opens the door to other money-saving opportunities.

For instance, more and more companies are using shared environments to hire overseas contractors, or let employees work remotely, both of which can drastically lower fixed costs and make the organization more flexible. In other words, they can handle a larger staff when they need one, and reduce working hours, wages, and input from outside vendors as needed. In situations where lots of collaboration or creative involvement are necessary, these changes can help save in the biggest parts of a company’s budget.

Cloud computing could be the ultimate gift for your bottom line, helping you lower expenses not just for IT, but also across other parts of your company. If you think your business could benefit from these types of cost reductions, why not get in touch with us today?