With our solution, government agencies can improve operations by providing employees with secure and instant access to documents and processes while in the office, working from home or in the field. From securing vital public records to running civic projects and fulfilling the daily needs of citizens, our solution’s digital processes provide faster, easier and more accurate public service. 


Remove the headaches of paper

Get rid of paperwork, save valuable time and drive your agency's productivity with modern, future-proof document management and workflow automation. Moving paper through your organization, without first converting it to electronic form, is notoriously slow. Your team wastes time on manual tasks like filing, retrieving and routing documents. When your organization transitions to automated workflows, it streamlines daily work processes, saves money and provides better service to the community. With this cost-effective solution, you and your team can make sure your corner of the public sector runs smoothly despite increasing demands and limited resources. 

A more agile response to change

State and local governments already balance decreased funding with the increased need for services. For many government entities, legacy systems that don't provide the security, flexibility and automated workflows necessary to immediately adapt to changing social and economic conditions present critical weaknesses. With the move toward remote work, the limitations of paper processes stand out even more clearly. With our solution, your organization is prepared to take on new responsibilities and provide additional services at a moment's notice without breaking your budget. 

Digitization and document management software offer clear advantages for state and local government

Document management and workflow automation let you digitize paperwork and securely save it in an organized repository for quick retrieval when needed. Easily capture, store, manage, process, share and track documents with controlled access. Task lists and email notifications enable staff to handle daily responsibilities more efficiently and decision makes to approve, reject or request more information along checkpoints in all your processes. 

Our solution delivers these key capabilities to communities and agencies:

Productivity and collaboration
  • Digitize paper records and keep documents centralized and secure, improving cooperation between staff, boards, commissions and committees. 
  • Store client records electronically to save office space. 
  • Create public-facing e-forms to quickly capture and process constituent applications, information requests and more. 
  • Integrate with your other systems to maximize for seamless sharing of data and information. 
Security and compliance
  • Restrict unauthorized viewing of confidential documents and develop guidelines to protect citizen's privacy.
  • Prove compliance with HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, GDPR, and other compliance requirements. 
  • Counter cyberthreats with state-of-the-art encryption of data, documents and online communication.
IT and future-readiness
  • Implement a user-friendly solution that serves the needs of multiple departments and improves service to your community - without adding work for your IT team.
  • With our solution, save significant budget on hardware and IT time.
  • Protect against natural disasters with a fail-safe disaster recovery plan.