Written by Thomas Schneck with DocuWare. 

IT departments are constantly under siege by demands from “the business.” They usually run something like this:

“We want a mobile app!” (Translation: we’re connected to the business through a range of mobile devices and our productivity can’t suffer.)

“Why will it take so long?” (Translation: in a world of user-friendly apps and electronics where things just work, why does this kind of software take forever just to turn on?)

“Put our project first!” (Translation: we have scope, budget and executive approval – and our project will make a big difference for the company.)

“That’s not it! … Change it!” (Translation: shifting scope is part of changing goals and executive direction, and we need to move quickly to adapt.)

“We found our own solution!” (Translation: we don’t need to go through a complicated procurement process – we found a cloud solution that just needs a credit card to start right now.)

These headaches are often caused by legacy software that simply fails to deliver on the needs of a modern business. Outdated content and document management systems are frequent villains: updates are difficult and expensive, integrations frequently break, and access is impossible through mobile devices. Why can’t it just be easier?

Cloud document management is a key enabler for a new set of IT requirements driven by “the business.” It solves five crucial pain points that are often the source of the “demands” listed above.

Mobility – Cloud solutions are about total availability, anytime and anywhere – device, OS and physical location are irrelevant to staff getting work done. Key tasks like capturing, routing and approving documents should all be available.

Productivity – Rapid set-up, short learning curves and zero downtime enable workers, managers and executives to manage documents and participate in digital workflow with minimal disruption to the business.

Agility – Turning on new services, adding new users, configuring new workflows and more are handled instantly with simple licensing terms.

Scalability – Cloud is key for businesses that value scalability. By leveraging robust datacenter stacks and infrastructure backbones like Microsoft Azure, near-infinite storage and compute power are available.

Control – Security is never not a priority. Cloud document management systems take advantage of active, comprehensive datacenter security as well as robust user profiles controlled from a single system.

Document management means considerably more than just archiving and managing documents electronically. It’s ultimately a system empowering geographically dispersed knowledge workers to participate in digital workflow that takes the friction out of their daily responsibilities.

Cloud-based document management cures the most common IT headaches while enabling both the technology experts and the business owners to succeed. Ready to see a document management solution in action? Schedule your personalized demo with Miken Technologies today.