If you are a business manager or executive who’s trying to decide whether it makes more sense to outsource IT services or hire in-house employees, we hope you’ll consider the advantages of an outside expert team like ours. After all, we’ve seen firsthand that we can help make things more efficient, more effective, and less expensive.

To see why, here are five top reasons to outsource IT and technical support:

  1. Outsourced IT costs less. On a strictly salary-versus-fee basis, most businesses will save quite a bit of money – tens of thousands of dollars per year or more – by working with an outsourced IT partner instead of hiring a few full- or part-time employees. That’s money that could be put back toward your technology itself, or other parts of your business.
  2. There are no “soft costs” associated with outsourced IT. Besides the paychecks you would have to sign when you hire technical employees, there are also other cost factors to be considered, like training, sick days, vacation time, and bonus/benefit packages. With an outsourced IT provider, you aren’t responsible for any of those expenses, and only have to pay the rate specified in your agreement.
  3. Hiring good technical employees can be difficult. This isn’t to say that IT personnel are bad employees, but that it is often difficult for non-technical supervisors to accurately assess the skills and specialties of a new IT employee. In other words, it’s hard to hire someone to manage your technology if you don’t understand technology very well yourself. This can lead to recruiting issues that are both expensive and time-consuming.
  4. With outsourced IT, you get more complete coverage. You would have to have a fairly large team of in-house employees to get 24-hour-a-day coverage for your technology all year long. and even if you could manage that, you probably wouldn’t have all the IT skill sets and specialties you might eventually need on staff. With outsourced IT, however, you get access to a big group of professionals with different backgrounds and capabilities.
  5. Outsourced IT is more scalable. When you are working with an IT vendor, it’s easy to add new services to the mix, or to scale back on your monthly technology budget, for that matter. When you have in-house employees, however, scaling your technology one way or the other means the hassles and expenses of things like buying new equipment, sending employees to new training programs, or even hiring and firing.

If you are looking for the right combination of more capabilities and lower technology expenses, then outsourced IT is probably the best answer for you and your company. Why not get in touch with us today to see how easy and affordable it is to get the technical support and advice you need?