When you hire a great outsourced IT company, what you are really getting in return? Although most business owners and executives would probably give answers like “computer repair,” “technology advice,” or even services like “Internet security” or “cloud computing,” we think there’s a better answer…

What you really get from a great IT provider is time and focus.

As important as those other individual services are, their biggest benefit might not be that they give you better technology, but that they let you stop worrying about things like hardware and software and concentrate on moving your business forward. In other words, they free up your employees and you to do what you do best, rather than trying to fix printers, resolve error codes, etc.

Consider the time and energy that are lost to some common in-office IT tasks:

Trying to stay productive in technology downtime. Even a simple technology failure, like an Internet or email outage, can render large parts of a company unproductive nearly instantly. Without access to the contacts, software, or records they need, employees can be unable to do their most important jobs, which usually means less revenue for the business even though salaries and wages are still being paid.

Resolving errors, examining broken equipment, and setting up new technology. If you don’t work with computers every day, setting them up (or dealing with errors from an improperly installed piece of equipment) can be a major drain on your schedule. Things get even worse when errors and failures come into the picture, and it isn’t unusual for managers and key employees to lose days of time dealing with technology.

Finding answers for ongoing problems, error messages, and malfunctioning equipment. When the answer for a technology problem isn’t obvious, a search through manuals, the Internet, and other resources is usually the next step. But, if you don’t know what you’re looking for, or don’t understand some of the key terms and ideas, this can be a time-consuming – and very frustrating – way to spend a day.

Calling professionals to deal with technology. Often the last stop for businesses without a good outsourced IT relationship, the process of simply finding a company to work with can be overwhelming. Not only do you have to find someone that you believe can solve the issue affordably, but you also have to schedule a time to meet with them, let them review your technology, and so on – issues that could be avoided by having a prior relationship with a trusted vendor.

The costs of these kinds of delays – both in terms of time and lost sales, etc. – can be staggering if you add them up over the course of months or years. And so, having the right outsourced IT team on your side can be an enormous bottom-line benefit, if only because they let you move other things forward without having to pause for broken computers, inconsistent access to email, and other nagging problems.

For that reason, getting your time and focus back might not be the first thing you associate with great IT, but it could be one of the biggest benefits, and the reason to call a member of our team to schedule an appointment today.