Miken utilizes a “Three Step Process” when engaging a new client. Analyze, Stabilize, and Mikenize. Once this process has been completed, your network infrastructure will be more reliable, efficient, and highly optimized.

Step 1: “Analyze” Our detailed consultation will give us an “inside look” at how your business is currently using technology. We will evaluate your existing architecture, computing environments, and all technology related elements. With a clear picture of your goals, we will analyze your needs in order to transform your organization into a technologically advanced, high performing business it deserves to be.

Step 2: “Stabilize” Whether we are updating, reconfiguring, or implementing new technology into your infrastructure, we will make sure that you have all the necessary items in order to stabilize your business technology environment and make sure you have everything to successfully use that technology to its fullest potential.

Step 3: “Mikenize” When you partner with Miken you are getting not only the best products and services, but you are also gaining expertise and support from a team that cares about your business. We believe that it is the relationship and trust that we build with our clients that separates us from other IT Firms. When we say your business will become “Mikenized” we mean that your business will benefit from our services such as:

  • Professional Account Management
  • Simplified and Customized Solutions
  • Remote and Onsite Support
  • Investment in a partnership that will take your business to new heights!

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