Cybercriminals are counting on your users to take the bait. 

Teach them to identify and respond to potential security risks with Security Awareness Training. 

Simulate email threats. 

Select from hundreds of real-world threat templates, taken directly from Barracuda’s massive threat database, and expose your users to the latest email threat types.

Analyze user behavior.

Receive detailed metrics on user behavior to assess your security risks and inform your training approach.

Educate to mitigate risk. 

Choose from a large variety of engaging training content designed to meet your unique awareness initiatives.

Simplify security awareness

Security Awareness Training gives you the option to create a completely customized program or opt for the Quick Launch process to get an awareness campaign up and running in under a minute. Quick Launch simplifies security awareness with an easy 5-step, proven curated testing and training content, and efficient, automated reports.

Empower users to defeat the 13 email threat types.

Barracuda Email Protection stops over 20,000 spear phishing attacks every day. Security Awareness Training leverages that extensive threat intelligence to create real-world simulation and training content aligned with all identified 13 email threat types. Users will learn to spot business email compromise, impersonation attacks and other top email threats.

Gain real insights into your biggest vulnerabilities.

Security Awareness Training captures thousands of data points to give you deeper and more useful insights into exactly where your risks exist so you can precisely target your awareness programs.

• User-behavior metrics
• Detailed trend analytics
• Benchmarking statistics
• Customizable reports and dashboards

Meet compliance with specially-designed training.

When security awareness training requirements are mandatory, it’s not always clear where to begin. Security Awareness Training includes ready-to-launch training designed by our experts to meet compliance requirements, making it easy for your organization to meet regulations, fight security risks, and stay secure.

Keep security top-of-mind with engaging awareness material.

Continuous training is most effective at influencing user behavioral change. Leverage the monthly ClickThinking™ content bundles of infographics, posters, and additional videos to supplement training campaigns and cultivate your security culture.

Make training part of a comprehensive security strategy. 

Barracuda offers a complete solution that delivers security awareness training, gateway defense, API-based inbox defense, incident response, data protection, and compliance capabilities. Barracuda Email Protection eliminates the integration and support headaches that typically come along with piecemeal, multi-vendor solutions.