Miken Technologies recommends an Offsite backup strategy for every business.  With our Datto solution, we can ensure operations continue uninterrupted in the event of ransomware or server failure with verified backups, restore options for any scenario, instant virtualization and ransomware protection.

With our business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution, you can restore systems to the state they were in immediately before the attack, ensuring minimal data loss. 

Key Features Include:

Reliable Data Protection
Better backups that don’t rely on incrementals and automatically verify the backup providing peace of mind. 

Fail-Safe Kickover
Down server? Our solution will kick over to the BCDR device, ensuring absolute minimal disruptions and downtime so you can get back to production as quickly as possible. 

Flexible Protection
Protect any physical, virtual and/or cloud infrastructure running on Windows, Mac or Linux. 

Recover from Hardware Failure
We can recover individual files and folders or perform a full restore of the old machine.

Ransomware Protection
Backups are automatically scanned for ransomware and provide the ability to restore data quickly with near-zero downtime.

And More!

Miken has partnered with cutting-edge providers such as Datto to offer Offsite backup solutions depending on the client’s needs. Our solutions utilize robust cloud technology to make sure your data is stored and sent with both safety, military grade encryption and precision.

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