By Thomas Schneck with DocuWare

Even though business processes run differently in every organization, each of them shares common requirements and components. Today DocuWare announces the availability of DocuWare Kinetic Solutions, preconfigured, cloud-based software, which contains the features that have made DocuWare work so well for our more than 18,000 customers. With DocuWare Kinetic Solutions, we solve universal challenges specifically regarding time-consuming manual paper processing in Accounts Payable (AP) and Human Resources (HR) departments, including waiting for approvals, storage, searching and capturing data. We manage information by predefining roles, access rights, search terms and retention schedules. Customers benefit from the fact that all the discovery research has been done in advance and is already built in.

DocuWare Kinetic Solutions were created in response to changes in the way our customers want to implement document management and workflow automation solutions. Software selection is often done at the departmental or team level which calls for targeted solutions and more cost-effective implementations. DocuWare Kinetic Solutions are modular and cloud-based which eliminates installation and maintenance of an extensive technology infrastructure. The software is designed to be part of an integrated ecosystem where targeted solutions work together to achieve organizational goals.

When we began envisioning DocuWare Kinetic Solutions it was logical for us to start with invoice processing and employee management because so many of our implementations start in Finance or HR. Our customers in these departments see a substantial return on investment within 3 months. We realized that it would be even more valuable to offer a solution that included guidance on standard processes that our customers already ask for one-on-one.

DocuWare Kinetic Solutions can be deployed in three days or faster, including time for user training. We complete the installation and training remotely, ensuring minimal interruption of daily activities. Users access the DocuWare system with any standard web-based browser — they just log on and go.

A preconfigured way to automate your AP process

The DocuWare Kinetic Solution for Invoice Processing completely automates every step, from data capture to approval to posting directly to an accounting or ERP system. The solution is set up with predefined users and roles to manage the AP process — from start to finish. The User Administration module is configured with placeholders to easily map to finance users, as well as other personnel within each organization who are required to approve invoices.

DocuWare Kinetic Solution for Invoice Processing maintains vendors, GL accounts and cost centers in a master data file. We leverage Intelligent Indexing, an AI-based, crowd-learning technology, to automatically capture information from an invoice that is required for processing. With a library of over five million documents from various vendors all over the world, DocuWare recognizes over 80% of all invoices correctly — typically in less than a minute. When invoices are not recognized in the solution, it is simple and fast to enter any missing or incorrect information. Once the correct information is entered, the solution will automatically remember it for future invoice processing. With DocuWare Kinetic Solution for Invoice Processing, every organization can gain deeper control of their cash flow management.

Employee management simplified

DocuWare Kinetic Solution for Employee Management digitizes, centralizes and organizes employees’ HR documents within a secure, searchable repository. Within the DocuWare solution, HR teams can use ready-to-go digital workflows and forms for applicant tracking, hiring, onboarding, performance reviews and time-off request management.

DocuWare Kinetic Solution contains a tiered structure that distinguishes between authorized HR department personnel, departmental managers, and the employees. The top-level folder, accessible only by HR, contains an organization’s most sensitive employee data. This includes any documents with Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data like the I-9 Form and background checks. Throughout the employee life cycle, all relevant documents are securely stored.

With our solution, the HR team is freed up to focus on strategic tasks rather than being bogged down in administrivia. These are the HR processes that DocuWare Kinetic Solution for Employee Management handles with ease:

Applicant Tracking
DocuWare Kinetic Solution for Employee Management provides control over the application process. A simple new-hire requisition form starts the recruiting process. The hiring manager enters specific information into a web form. This form triggers a workflow that ensures a valid job description is in place and requests executive approval for unbudgeted requests.

Once an open requisition is approved, the HR department posts the position and begins accepting resumes. Incoming resumes are stored electronically and reviewed by HR personnel. Candidates who are considered qualified are assigned to the posting manager for review and consideration for the interview process. This process is task driven between the HR Manager, hiring manager, and any other interviewers the hiring manager wants to involve.

Once an offer letter is accepted DocuWare Kinetic Solution for Employee Management onboarding kicks off. An email is sent to the new employee with a link to a web form to pre-fill new hire documents. This single-entry form then populates the appropriate HR forms as needed. The documents are then stored directly into DocuWare for HR Department processing. A provisioning workflow process provides your employee with everything they need to start. New hire enjoy an easy and seamless onboarding process on day one. Now HR staff can focus on being welcoming and getting new employees acclimated to the company culture.

Employee Performance Management
The DocuWare Kinetic Solution for Employee Management constantly monitors the performance information about each employee. When specific criteria are met, an automated workflow informs the appropriate person that a Performance Appraisal is due. The process of creating and delivering the appraisal to the employee is tracked through completion. Employees and managers can concentrate on communicating about expectations and results.

Time-off/Sick Leave Management
The DocuWare Kinetic Solution for Employee Management provides a web form that enables employees to request time-off anytime and from any device. Specific information entered on the web form is sent to their manager. Whether approved or not, the employee is informed via email. If approved, the time off requested is subtracted from the employee’s accrual balance and the time(s) are added to the year-to-date totals for the specific earning codes.

Built for the new generation of content services

According to Gartner, content services platforms are the evolution of what has been called “enterprise content management,” representing a shift from monolithic, expensive, on-premises software to flexible, cloud-based solutions purpose-built for narrower use-cases but integrated with other concurrent systems. DocuWare Kinetic Solutions fits that definition perfectly.

Gartner proposes that content services platforms are set to replace legacy ECM systems. That feels right to us. It’s a more modern technology approach that gets closer to the heart of what our customers have always been interested in — solving business problems.

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