With Covid-19 on the rise as the weather cools, some businesses are now considering going back to the work-from-home model.

Organizations need to find ways to thrive with a distributed workforce.

These businesses and organizations all of a sudden have many questions such as: How do I not lose productivity? How do I ensure the security of information? How do I know if my teams are completing tasks?

Enter DocuWare’s electronic document management solution. 

With DocuWare, you can centralize your records and get rid of disorganized emails, shared drives and paper files. Businesses can also set up digitized workflows that keep information flowing to the right people at the right moment – all while retaining security and compliance standards.

Features include:

  • Centralized files in the cloud
  • Fully adaptable and customizable workflows
  • Intelligent indexing to understand the meaning of documents
  • Work from the office, from home, from anywhere
  • Start fast with preconfigured solutions for HR, accounting
  • Secure information at every point
  • Multiple layers of redundancy for business continuity
  • Support compliance and retention rules
  • Mobile apps to access documents and keep processes going from anywhere
  • Cloud architecture and browser-based interface for fast, simplified user experience

Practical use cases:

  • Incoming invoices: Automate the digitization, processing and archiving of all incoming invoices and remove slow, manual steps in finance
  • Employee records: Securely centralize all employee records and use workflows for onboarding, reviews and more
  • Customer files: Store all correspondence, manage versions of contracts and set up workflows for digital signatures, create 360-degree view of your customer
  • Mail room: Digitize incoming mail for easy digital distribution and retrieval
  • Sales operations: Keep marketing material and sales documents like proposals and presentations right at your fingertips – even while on the road
  • Controlling: Archive critical planning documents, prepare and respond to audits, maintain regulatory compliance and privacy standards

Bottom line is that your business or organization can maintain maximum productivity with employees working from home. Scale to meet demand and prevent data loss with a modern and secure cloud system.

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