Miken Technologies is a proven leader in Security Solutions for small and medium size businesses. We provide network security appliances, 24/7 monitoring, corporate anti-virus and malware prevention, external vulnerability audits, employee awareness training, and immediate issue resolution.


  • Blocking network-based attacks with the use of firewalls, anti-virus gateways, secure email, spam protection, secure web filtering, intrusion detection and prevention.
  • Blocking host-based attacks with personal anti-virus, personal firewalls, spyware removal, and host intrusion prevention.
  • Eliminating security vulnerabilities with operating system and application patch management and compliance, vulnerability management and penetration testing.
  • Safely supporting authorized users with strong password enforcement, VPNs, secure remote access, and file encryption.
  • Tools to minimize business losses and maximize effectiveness with local and cloud backup solutions, event log management and alerts, and regulatory compliance tools.
  • Employee Awareness Training: Train your staff how to spot malicious emails, links, and attachments.

Miken Technologies’ goal is to make sure that every security layer builds upon the pervious one. Miken can help you implement each of these layers for a secure network and computing environment.

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