Trying to ensure continuity is not always easy, and everyone has a unique definition based on their business needs.  Depending on how your business operates, you may think about it a lot differently than the guy next to you.

According to the National Cyber Security Alliance study, 60% of businesses that are hacked go out of business within six months.

The vast majority of damage done in the event of a disaster or cyber attack is due to the inability of the company to quickly respond with an effective BCDR solution in place.

We practice fire drills, earthquake duck and cover drills, shouldn’t we do the same to prepare for risks with similar catastrophic consequences? If your e-commerce system, website, email, or customer data is suddenly inaccessible because of an attack, will you be able to get back up and running within minutes, hours, days, or at all? That depends on how prepared you are.

Having a working and validated BCDR solution in place means your business can kick over to a failsafe mode the moment a disaster strikes, keeping operations going while not missing any critical transactions or suffering expensive downtime.

A solid BCDR solution can do much more than just keep your business running during a crisis, it can also ensure data is protected round the clock, provide verified backups, restore options for different scenarios, instant virtualization, ransomware protection, and more.

Businesses of any size, large or small, need a reliable and flexible BCDR solution to ensure they never miss a beat when disaster strikes.

In the case of business continuity, offense wins, and the defense loses.

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