Many businesses are now moving their technology and data into the cloud. Business owners are finding that technology is much more affordable and efficient utilizing the cloud, while also increasing their bottom line with and increase in productivity and a business environment where work can be done from virtually any location.

Much like a lot of modern business technology, VoIP, or (Voice over Internet Protocol) is telecommunications technology that works over the internet, rather than traditional wires and phone lines.

This type of phone connection has gained major momentum over the last several years due to its low cost to the user and overall versatility for businesses.

But what is it exactly that should make a business want to make the switch to a VoIP telecommunications system?

  1. Cost Savings – As mentioned, businesses are finding they can cut costs by reducing operating and capital expenditure. Because moving telecommunications to the cloud means shifting IT services and support to your VoIP provider, fewer in-house resources are required to keep communications going. Features that are typically expensive add-ons for traditional phone systems are also now included as main features with VoIP.
  2. Portability – VoIP allows employees to take calls from any location as long as there is a broadband connection. This means you can answer calls, receive voicemails and faxes via e-mail, all from your cell phone or mobile device. You are no longer tethered to your phone at your desk.
  3. Business Continuity – With VoIP, communications can continue in the event of a power failure or other damaging event to your business. Flexibility and adaptability are key in getting your business back up and running, and VoIP provides that.
  4. Powerful Features – VoIP can include powerful features such as video chat, seeing the availability of colleagues, deliver faxes and voicemail to your email inbox, using your extension from anywhere, video conferencing, application integration and more.
  5. Easily Scalable – As businesses grow and requirements changes, it’s relatively easy to add services, extensions and customizations. Also, as more and more employees begin working remotely, with geographical barriers being removed, businesses are looing for a more sophisticated way to communicate. VoIP can easily be scaled to fit any stage of growth a business may be in and beyond.

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