Storm season is upon us. To the average person, this may not be anything to lose sleep over. However, if you’re a business owner or someone in a position of authority in your organization, the time is now to start formulating a disaster recovery plan if there isn’t one already set into place.

Backup and disaster recovery – having a plan to restore your company’s technology following some sort of catastrophic event – is something most owners and executives don’t think about until a hurricane or other major event.

So, what is a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan and what makes a backup and recovery plan great?

A Backup and and Disaster Recovery Plan is a written, agreed upon plan of action that an organization puts into effect following a disaster within the organization, such as flooding, fire, vandalism, theft, malware, etc. These plans can vary greatly in size and scope depending on your organization and what data is needed to get operations up and running again.

Here are some characteristics of a GREAT DR Plan:

  1. A great backup and disaster recovery plan is comprehensive. By comprehensive, we mean that it includes all of the data, software, and maybe even hardware that you would need to return to profitability quickly.
  2. A great backup and disaster recovery plan can be put into action quickly. Once you lose your technology, your business is on the clock, and time is money. You want to ensure that you can be back online within hours, not days or weeks.
  3. A great backup and disaster recovery plan has been tested. Until your backups have been verified, they aren’t of much use to you, since you can’t count on that with any degree of confidence. A good outsourced IT team will double-check them regularly to ensure that they are ready to be implemented at a moment’s notice.

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