We spend a lot of time outlining, visioning, and testing backup and disaster recovery plans for our clients, and so it’s very easy for us to get immersed in all of the details and relevant questions. Are the backups comprehensive enough, are we maintaining them often enough, and do we test them frequently enough to ensure that we can restore our clients in a matter of minutes or hours following a tragedy?

As important as each of these issues is, however, things get a lot simpler for the business owners and executives we work with. In fact, we feel that there is really only one question that matters for them when it comes to backup and disaster recovery: Is your business valuable enough to protect for the future?

If it is, then you shouldn’t be leaving your information, or your customers, for chance. Things like fires, floods, and other minor disruptions come up all the time, and it only takes one ruined hard drive or server to put your business in jeopardy. Add to that the potential for lots of unplanned downtime, missing billing records, and even legal liabilities that could stem from this single incident, and it just isn’t worth the risk.

If your company is valuable enough to protect, then trust your backup and disaster recovery plan to a team of professionals. Otherwise, you’re just tempting fate for no good reason.

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