As the current economic climate and the impact of COVID-19 mean we are facing an uncertain future, all investments (including tech investments) are under intense scrutiny and review.

At Miken, we want to ensure that technology investments generate the maximum value possible. This may mean cutting costs, but it also means considering how each technology investment drives business value. Although some technology may be expensive, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t providing value to the organization.

Ways businesses can optimize their IT:

  • Get a handle on costs and utilization – Take stock of the applications, licenses, and other technologies being utilized.
  • Move to the Cloud – Is your business still paying for and relying on hardware for business functions that could operate in the cloud? Moving to the cloud can provide massive cost savings in surprising areas.
  • Digitize business processes – Technology that can digitize or provide hands-off autonomy within a business is a great way to maximize your IT investment because it allows employees to focus on other tasks, thus increasing productivity and your overall return on investment.
  • Provide tools for remote work – The world has shifted with regards to remote working and businesses are finding that having remote workers reduces overhead and other expenses – make sure your remote employees have the technology they need to do their job from any location.
  • Keep your technology and software up-to-date – This will ensure that your business continues to run smoothly and eliminates expensive repairs or downtime due to unforeseen issues.
  • Train employees – It’s important that employees are trained on how to properly utilize the technology they are tasked at using, as well as trained on how to properly spot malicious content. This will ensure efficiency and minimize expensive disruptions.