When it comes to cyber security, businesses of all sizes need all the help they can get. Some companies will use in-house IT, where staff members who are technical experts at the company establish guidelines and resources for managing the company’s cyber security.

There are times, however, when having an in-house IT staff may not be enough to tackle the challenges of preventing or dealing with cyber threats. In these instances, businesses may rely on an outside source such as an MSP.

An MSP, or Managed Services Provider, is a third-party resource for businesses who need assistance with their technology needs, cyber security being common among them. This helps them reduce overall costs and improve efficiency when dealing with dangerous cyber threats, even when they don’t have the same resources as a larger company.

When working with an MSP, there are a variety of security advantages you can expect:

Network Monitoring

Cyber threats do not operate on a 9-5, Monday through Friday schedule. They are constantly evolving and can happen at any time. An MSP is an ideal fit for dealing with cyber threats because they can offer 24/7 monitoring, flagging suspicious activity and identifying unusual network behavior.

Experienced Professionals

MSPs recruit from a range of experts and technical backgrounds, who are all experienced professionals in their fields. MSPs will employ staff who have experienced encountering a variety of threats, which means they can apply unique and experienced solutions.

Better Resources

In addition to having experts with unique skillsets, an MSP can also provide more advanced technology and resources that a small business may not have available to them, at a fraction of the cost. This can include cloud backups and virtualized machines to remote troubleshoot and hybrid firewalls.

Multi-Layered Protection

MSPs are aware of the different types of threats facing businesses today, including malware, ransomware, phishing, and the list goes on. MSPs are ideal when protecting your business against these different threats simultaneously, keeping your business up to date on the best preventative methods.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

In the unfortunate circumstance that malware infects a business’ network, an MSP will have the tools and skills to restore a company’s data in a timely manner that brings any disruption to a minimum.

These are only a few of the benefits a company has when working with an MSP such as Miken Technologies. Not only does a company have better resources and a team of experienced professionals, but they can also rest assured knowing the MSP has their back.