In theory, backing up your company’s most important files and data should be easy. In practice, it’s both an art and science, and one you should trust to an IT partner. That’s because, simple as it might sound to make an extra copy of everything your business needs, all backup systems are not created equally.

Here are a few reasons why it’s important to have the right kind of backup system:

For a backup to be effective, it has to include everything you need to restore operations. This probably doesn’t just include data files, but also key applications, and possibly even important pieces of hardware. If you lost access to all of your technology at once, would your backup allow you to restore operations within hours?

You need to make sure your backups are verified. A lot of businesses assume that, because they run backups regularly, that their data is right where they need it. Unfortunately, a high number of incorrectly-configured backups fail to restore, meaning that your company could be resting on a false sense of security.

It’s important to backup to, and from, the right equipment. From tape drives to backup servers and specialized appliances, the equipment you use for your backup and recovery system matters a lot. Not only does it have to be of the highest quality, but your IT partner can ensure that all the components are compatible with one another.

Your backup system should include off-site storage. It’s a good idea to have some of your backups close at hand, in case you need them suddenly, but what if there is damage to your facility? Would you lose your backups along with everything else? A good IT team will formulate a backup and recovery profile that includes off-site storage.

Your backup equipment and procedures should be part of a bigger plan. Equipment and procedures are important, but what you really need – and what your outsourced IT team can put into place – is an overall strategy for dealing with crashes, emergencies, and natural disasters. By having a backup and disaster-recovery plan, rather than just the few pieces of equipment, you can ensure the future safety of your company.

It’s unfortunate that more businesses don’t think about things like backup and disaster recovery until it’s too late, so take our advice and know that the details really do matter. In fact, if you have questions about what you need to add to your backup and disaster-recovery plan or want to be sure that your business is protected, then contact us today for a free consultation.