Collecting accurate, structured information is imperative for your core processes. Doing it efficiently means getting away from bad handwriting on paper forms, PDFs that never work right, and error-prone manual data entry. Modern web forms simplify, improve, and accelerate data collection. Not only are they instantly available to anyone on any device, but forms provide structure to data so it can be used to automate information flows through your team. Here are 4 reasons why you should digitize paper forms with a web-based form management solution:

1. Eliminate duplicate paperwork with one single universal intake form: Eliminate manual document maintenance by easily condensing a 50-page paper application to a simple web form that populates redundant data across multiple digital forms. Enjoy a user-friendly editor for setting up web forms with no need for programming and minimal IT resources.

2. Automate and streamline key recurring processes: Combine web forms with digital workflows, where each filled-in form automatically triggers the next step in a process. Enhance employee productivity by freeing up more time for workers to focus on value-driven work. Reduce manual, human errors to produce high quality business data.

3. Create a searchable database of records accessible from any office or event location: Give the corporate office immediate access to all records, regardless of location. With quick access to all information, customer service can help customers faster than ever. Digital forms are optimized for any mobile device so you can grow your business without adding additional staff.

4. Improve information security and automate retention policies: Eliminate lost or misplaced forms once and for all. No more outdated documents will be floating around. You’ll confidently comply with mandates like HIPAA or SOX and improve response time for audit document requests.

Now that you’re more informed about digital forms, take the next step and witness the power of them in action. Click here to register for a live demo of DocuWare Forms on August 23.
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