DocuWare Version 7 – the basis for the next generation of cloud architecture, provides future-proof document management and office automation technology. The new architecture optimizes performance, stability, and scalability making DocuWare Cloud perfect for even larger sized organizations. And since the cloud and on-premises software is always based on the same code having all the same features, all customers will benefit from this technology makeover.

Technology highlights in the new version:

  • File cabinets and document trays have been completely re-implemented. Instead of the Content Server, DocuWare Version 7 uses the latest technologies and works with optimized databases in the future-proof architecture. The noticeable advantage for all users: significantly better performance. Search approx. 50% faster, store documents approx. 35% faster, change index data approx. 75% faster, to name just a few examples.
  • A new workflow engine ensures that your workflow tasks are controlled even faster and more reliably. This engine also allows easier handling if a workflow has run into an error.
  • All DocuWare Desktop jobs are now processed directly from the DocuWare Platform. This provides significantly better scalability than previous Desktop Server components.
  • The User Management is now in the DocuWare Configuration. New technology and interface design make it much easier to create and grant rights to many users in the system.
  • User synchronization between Active Directory and DocuWare Cloud is also new. Users and groups must only be maintained, for example created or deleted, in the leading system. Simpler, consistent user management is now also possible for DocuWare Cloud customers.
  • The latest version of the DocuWare App has been completely reworked. Future-oriented technologies offer the best performance and usability for mobile access to DocuWare as well.
  • A new server setup guarantees and easier and faster installation for on-premises system. Different roles replace the choice of components to install.

The combination of all these changes guarantee much better scalability of the system. This makes working with DocuWare easier, especially for DocuWare Cloud and larger on-premises installations.

Download the complete “What’s New in DocuWare Version 7” PDF here.